Friday, December 25, 2009

night time painting.

just more workings on this piece.

i'm not going to rush this painting, because it's exciting for me..the idea at hinting at the figure in the night...the idea of subtle tones and light sources from varying angles. I might just get out plein air and continue it and put a light in the house that i can adjust etc.

i hope i can have more paintings where I have no idea if the thing is going to be a disaster. quite happy now.

almost offsets the stress of christmas.

Monday, December 21, 2009

River Painting- Finished.

I finally finished the river painting, I'm quite happy with how it is now.


Friday, December 18, 2009

My Love Of Jean-Edouard Vuillard and Felix Vallotton

I am constantly in awe of these painters.

but there is one painting by another painter that really surprised me.. The painting is called "the floor scrapers" and it was painted by Gustav Caillebotte in 1875.

which to me seems insane, as most of Gustav Caillebottes other paintings are insipid and dead. How could he have created such a wonderful painting? In 1876 he completed another work called "The floor scrapers" with a different composition of the same subject and it was a flop.

His male nudes (Looking much like Degas) are just OK, but even they seem a little ridiculous! Male nudes drying off with a white towel just looks wrong.

"The house painters", painted by Caillebotte in 1877 is another of his best works.

Why did no one think to tell him he should continue with these themes instead of painting a man walking his dog ???

Paris Street, Rainy Day-1877 reminds me a lot of John Bracks-- Collins Street 5pm 1955 although Bracks version sure gets stuck into the yellow Ochre a lot more. (obviously the feeling is more intensified in the Brack painting)

this was actually meant to be a post about Vulliard and Vallotton,but I guess that's just be general gushing anyway.

Monday, December 14, 2009

so it what

yes, my outdoor painting session was a huge disaster.

I shot myself in the foot by starting with a bad composition...the work was so bad i destroyed it. I don't usually do that...but it was a dead painting anyway. I painted a rock formation and cropped it too closely and it looked horrible. The worse thing was I spent all day painting it even though i knew it was doomed.

however I am close to finishing the river painting...end of this week I will be done for sure.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm off to paint outside!

I went down to the ocean and made my way around the cliffs to make a little skietch on a small canvas board...well that was the other day and now I'm going back to see if my spot still looks amazing in midday sun as it does at 8:00pm Tasmanian time (dusk)
the spot is obviously quite steep so i'll have to be really careful as I still dont have my paintbox easel...just a tabletop easel!

I'm going to take a camera just to get shots of the process but I don't want to work on this pinting back in the studio..I just want to try and get something right away.

I'll post my painting this afternoon if I can....even if it doesnt't work out so well..


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Commisions Available - Oil Portraits

I will be available for portrait commissions soon, if you would like to find out more please contact me at and I will answer any questions.


Allison Lowe

p.s here are some smaller examples of my work

Australian Blog DirectoryThe Australian Index

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free Sketch

Sometimes the most frustrating thing can be compositions that are impossible for me to construct right now...I love my ideas when the only certain element is a line at a certain angle (swooping in from both top corners of the canvas) and the colour deep plum red.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

part of an idea for a painting

I;ve got something I'd like to work on but I don't know if it will work really well...or if it will just be an ok painting.

i think it would be beautiful if all the elements aligned and there was an explosion of intense colour and movement and if the colour was enhancing a female would be an alive painting. I think I need to have this idea come to fruition otherwise it'll bug me.


WIP Night Painting

more progress on this painting! I'm really enjoying this. I've still got so much to learn about subtle shifts in colours and trying to view the image as a whole.


p.s photographing a black painting at mid day is really hard sorry.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rich Colour

I have just discovered my copy of a little book containing work by Degas.

I feel like I understand him more now that I have completely fallen in love with colour.

I especially love women dressing...those rich, intense, savage oranges and reds teamed with soft warm linen whites and dark raw umbers.

I don't know i even painted before as I was so afraid of colour! It now makes me delirious...especially when I catch a bright colour in the corner of my is an amazing feeling...


p.s I think I will try colour studies before i even put pen to paper and draw design sketches.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

progress on night time painting

well the first image is the colour I ended up toning the canvas with.

I have just started laying in the dark masses and i'm still trying to get the subtle coloursín the dark masses just right. It is quite strange starting a canvas with so little does however draw my attention to the angles which I enjoy thinking about a lot.

so far so good.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

toning a canvas for nightscape painting?

I wasn't 100% certain what was the best colour to tone my canvas for my new nighttime I ended up going with a deep warm colour. a warm purple-blue-red

it was a mixture of Utramarine Blue and Permanent Rose(a colour I hardly use usually) and a little bit of Idian Red...only a little bit of Indian Red as that stuff is so strong! I used up a lot of oils on toning the ground of the canvas...working into the tooth of the canvas much so that I will have to take a trip to my art shop soon and stock up on oils.

I know that toning the canvas first will save me a lot of tonal issues later on so it was imortant to get the right colour and I still don't know if it will work out...who knows! painting at night is new for and exciting.


Monday, September 28, 2009

preliminary sketch for new painting.

There really was very little point in sketching this before I paint it because I intend to paint this scene at night as it is ridiculously ugly during the day...I guess I like that transformation. There's plenty of angles in this new painting. I ran out of paper at the top and sides to get the rest of the composition down.

What I SHOULD be doing is a night-time colour sketch...

I intend to add a figure to this painting as well but a very unlit one, just the slightest hing of blue shadowy figure standing looking out at the viewer...the canvas I have lined up for this painting is 30" x 30" so hopefully it will be visually stimulating.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Snug River Oil Painting ---- Work-in-Progress

sorry for the terrible on the wall flash photo.

apparently the issue of darkening was just a simple case of mixing Black with Cad. Lemon Yellow...thanks Steve! I was very glad to go back to painting classes yesterday evening.

I have a 30" x 30" canvas that i think i will use for an idea that has been swelling up in my head lately.

angles and night time painting... a figure and architecture oh and colour...definately colour.

all things I love to paint. I think this might just work out.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Too Much" self-portrait

I was lucky enough to win the runner-up prize at the RACT Tasmanian Youth Portrait Prize.

I can't say that missing out on the $5000 and a trip for 2 to Sydney wasn't a bit sad...but the $500 runner-up prize certainly takes the pain away.

and another good thing is my paintings are being exhibited in Devonport, Launceston and Hobart along with all the other finalists

Exhibition dates

Devonport Regional Art Gallery
45-47 Stewart Street
5 September to 20 September


Academy Gallery, Academy of the Arts
School of Visual and Performing Arts
Unversity of Tasmania
Inveresk Road, Inveresk

25 September to 12 October

Hobart Sidespace Gallery
77 Salamanca Place

17 October to 31 October

I'm looking forward to going to the Hobart exhibiton.
some of finalists I liked--

Brooke Atkins
Amy Bradford
Kelly Eijdenberg
Nathan Grey
Effie Pryer
Alexandra Wherrett

Snug River Painting--Progress WIP

made some progress on the river painting..just still using extremely loose brush strokes to get a better feel of the perspective and warm and cool tones.

I'm really enjoying painting this's a relief from painting portraits..

I must admit I think it'll come to life more with a figure in there..

will have to do some sketches to get a good pose worked out.

i'm thinking may be a figure laying down stretched out or just sitting by the river in profile. There's a picture of the pose I am thinking of in one of my books so I'll try and scan it in.

I'm not sure Ben would agree to pose in such a way though!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

been busy,

I've been pretty busy planning and sketching and thinking about this house I am meant to be builing. I've scrapped the old plans. the big 15m x 15m house and now I just want what I originally wanted...small...painfully cute and simple.

So I am hoping to gather rocks from my folks 60 acres at Woodbridge and learn how to build stone walls and construct an A frame house that is about 6x9m and with a loft bedroom and a fireplace. I guess it reminds me of Ireland a little but with the rock being of a Southern Tasmanian colouring I think it will look good.

But I am also thinking about buying a few pallets of second hand slate I have seen for sale.hmm. wind+slate = probable disaster...but geee wouldn't it look nice?

I can't wait to start fixing the garden with Ben and planting the dogwoods, maples and all the other plants. It's thoroughly stressful paying so many fees to just get approval for house plans.

I am resizing some reference photos toomorow so I can continue the Snug River painting and also add a figure into the ladscape.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Painting and getting sunburnt

It is such perfect weather today so I took off and went painting down by Snug River.

Things I didn't need:

things I need for nex time:

a complete set of paints.
Raw Umber and Cad. Yelliow and more red.
a clean rag
bring palette knife
better camera.
straw hat.

It went ok. I still don't 100% enjoy the panic I feel when I paint outside...but I do admit it is more intense than working in a studio.

note: figure and dog will work well in the composition.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

preliminary drawing-Snug RIver

probably about week 6.

I overlooked the overall colour palette when I started...I'm not sure on the yellow brown.

I do however like the addition of the pastel plastic chairs in the background.

still work to be done on shadows and some of the sharp edges of the painting and also adding a bit more body.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a bit o' fun

I have recently started trying to design's a good study in refining ideas down to basic elements plus it's nice to just mash ideas together in an afternoon or two.

I'll have photos soon.
the posters are music posters for gigs of the band I am in with Ben and Michael.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 1 and 2. Work-in-progress

Week 1.

This is a little study I'm doing at the moment.

Week 2.(bad flash)

16" x 16"
this is about 4.5 hours worth of painting.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

back from Hobart.

I've just come home from trudging about in Hobart and it's really a good night to be painting.

I want to start a portrait of my mum, but without realising it I've made it pretty complex for myself to make hypothetical thumbnail sketches in my art diary.

I want to just get a tiny little view of mums cheek and nose etc in this portrait with the main painting consisting of two desks butted up against each other and mums face inbetween the shapes below them on the floor if you can think of looking

SEE really hard to explain hypothetically without any visual reference.

So it looks like I may just get mum to sit on the floor and move some tables around her till I get angles I'm happy with then make thumbnail sketch and photos.

Steve my painting teacher wanted me to take a step back from what i was doing with my self-portrait...(I can see his point) and just focus on doing a still life so he can judge where I'm at...I really hate still-lifes..

I remember at my old school Brisbane my snooty art teacher told me my drawing of a cow skull had too much movement in the lines...and she also told me I'd never make an artist because I ask too many questions.

what an idiot.

anyway so I've started a still-life it's of my dressmaking scissors but I struggled untill I found a composition I was really happy with..I'm so excited about the angles of the shadows and the way there's two different levels.

which is what brought me to the idea for my mums portrait.

it's funny cause neither or these paintings are really about scissors, or my mothers likeness.

ahwell..any excuse to give an idea a go.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Work-in-Progress. self-portrait.

this is in oils on a 30" x 30" canvas.

I may write a little bit about this later because it's been very, very interesting...but I really have to knuckle down and do some painting this afternoon and finish this painting in the next few weeks.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Self-portrait -quick study -2007

found this on my computer. This is a self-portrait painted in oils onto printing tin.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I was lucky enough to get an appointment with a professional development officer here in Tassie, scheduled for this week.

I have so far typed out 10 questions to ask in regards to

*NAVA membership
*display formats(when approaching a gallery) and
*media kits.

There's colours everywhere! it's completely overwhelming to paint!! I'm actually quite excited about it
....but there's a lot of life that still needs to go into it because the painting is looking a bit flat.

anyway the few days break was really nice and relaxing...needless to say i tried to draw Ben while he was reading but he got fidgety!

I also did a little 4" x 4" painting of a still life consisting of a tall lamp and an embroidery that was hung on the wall....DO NOT use those little canvases(Mont Marte canvas panels)!!! they make it impossible to wipe back colours and really quickly build up this tacky surface.

p.s I want to hire a female model so I can work on a series of nudes..I have no idea who to contact about this (I guess just an ad down at the art school)and I think I might add that to the lists of things to ask about! especially in regards to how much to pay the model per hour.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Trip to Bicheno.

I'm heading North to Bicheno for four days break. I hope that some of the ten 4" x 4" canvas boards will be filled up, or at least a few sketches down on paper. I'm just aiming small with these colour studies. I may in the future try some landscapes in a bigger format depending on how excited I am about these wee little compositions.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tasman Portraiture Prize

Portrait of Ben Mason was chosen as the winning entry at the Tasman Portraiture Prize..

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Work in Progress--Portrait of my father in oils. Working on compositions and mood in
this painting. I really wanted to show the flesh tone in a naturalistic way. They grey seems to work well though I'm still looking at changing some elements of the composition because there is a "deadness" to it at the moment. I still hold hope that it may work out well.

this is about 3 hours worth of painting.
Canvas is 24" by 24"

I am particularly drawn to square-format canvases right now.

Painting Diary Introduction

Art helps me adjust my mind and helps me concentrate. I have always been interested in portraiture in particular.

Steve Bowden has been teaching me the way in which he paints.. in a traditional Dutch style of oil painting..and I'm finding this is really helping me understand more about colour and composition theory.

I finished this portrait of my partner Ben in September 2008 and have just recently entered it in a art prize here in Tasmania. The finished work is 24" x 24" on canvas and was completed in oils.

I'm interested now in creating work so I can build up some courage and approach a gallery. Ideally I want to become a practising artist and spend most of my week painting and creating. Regardless of representation I will continue painting.