Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tasman Portraiture Prize

Portrait of Ben Mason was chosen as the winning entry at the Tasman Portraiture Prize..

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Work in Progress--Portrait of my father in oils. Working on compositions and mood in
this painting. I really wanted to show the flesh tone in a naturalistic way. They grey seems to work well though I'm still looking at changing some elements of the composition because there is a "deadness" to it at the moment. I still hold hope that it may work out well.

this is about 3 hours worth of painting.
Canvas is 24" by 24"

I am particularly drawn to square-format canvases right now.

Painting Diary Introduction

Art helps me adjust my mind and helps me concentrate. I have always been interested in portraiture in particular.

Steve Bowden has been teaching me the way in which he paints.. in a traditional Dutch style of oil painting..and I'm finding this is really helping me understand more about colour and composition theory.

I finished this portrait of my partner Ben in September 2008 and have just recently entered it in a art prize here in Tasmania. The finished work is 24" x 24" on canvas and was completed in oils.

I'm interested now in creating work so I can build up some courage and approach a gallery. Ideally I want to become a practising artist and spend most of my week painting and creating. Regardless of representation I will continue painting.