Monday, February 16, 2009


I was lucky enough to get an appointment with a professional development officer here in Tassie, scheduled for this week.

I have so far typed out 10 questions to ask in regards to

*NAVA membership
*display formats(when approaching a gallery) and
*media kits.

There's colours everywhere! it's completely overwhelming to paint!! I'm actually quite excited about it
....but there's a lot of life that still needs to go into it because the painting is looking a bit flat.

anyway the few days break was really nice and relaxing...needless to say i tried to draw Ben while he was reading but he got fidgety!

I also did a little 4" x 4" painting of a still life consisting of a tall lamp and an embroidery that was hung on the wall....DO NOT use those little canvases(Mont Marte canvas panels)!!! they make it impossible to wipe back colours and really quickly build up this tacky surface.

p.s I want to hire a female model so I can work on a series of nudes..I have no idea who to contact about this (I guess just an ad down at the art school)and I think I might add that to the lists of things to ask about! especially in regards to how much to pay the model per hour.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Trip to Bicheno.

I'm heading North to Bicheno for four days break. I hope that some of the ten 4" x 4" canvas boards will be filled up, or at least a few sketches down on paper. I'm just aiming small with these colour studies. I may in the future try some landscapes in a bigger format depending on how excited I am about these wee little compositions.