Thursday, May 14, 2009

back from Hobart.

I've just come home from trudging about in Hobart and it's really a good night to be painting.

I want to start a portrait of my mum, but without realising it I've made it pretty complex for myself to make hypothetical thumbnail sketches in my art diary.

I want to just get a tiny little view of mums cheek and nose etc in this portrait with the main painting consisting of two desks butted up against each other and mums face inbetween the shapes below them on the floor if you can think of looking

SEE really hard to explain hypothetically without any visual reference.

So it looks like I may just get mum to sit on the floor and move some tables around her till I get angles I'm happy with then make thumbnail sketch and photos.

Steve my painting teacher wanted me to take a step back from what i was doing with my self-portrait...(I can see his point) and just focus on doing a still life so he can judge where I'm at...I really hate still-lifes..

I remember at my old school Brisbane my snooty art teacher told me my drawing of a cow skull had too much movement in the lines...and she also told me I'd never make an artist because I ask too many questions.

what an idiot.

anyway so I've started a still-life it's of my dressmaking scissors but I struggled untill I found a composition I was really happy with..I'm so excited about the angles of the shadows and the way there's two different levels.

which is what brought me to the idea for my mums portrait.

it's funny cause neither or these paintings are really about scissors, or my mothers likeness.

ahwell..any excuse to give an idea a go.

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  1. Hello, thanks for visitng my blog.

    Your old art teacher appears to be ignorant of most of the history of art :)

    Be interesting to see how your Mum's portrait turns out.