Sunday, August 30, 2009

been busy,

I've been pretty busy planning and sketching and thinking about this house I am meant to be builing. I've scrapped the old plans. the big 15m x 15m house and now I just want what I originally wanted...small...painfully cute and simple.

So I am hoping to gather rocks from my folks 60 acres at Woodbridge and learn how to build stone walls and construct an A frame house that is about 6x9m and with a loft bedroom and a fireplace. I guess it reminds me of Ireland a little but with the rock being of a Southern Tasmanian colouring I think it will look good.

But I am also thinking about buying a few pallets of second hand slate I have seen for sale.hmm. wind+slate = probable disaster...but geee wouldn't it look nice?

I can't wait to start fixing the garden with Ben and planting the dogwoods, maples and all the other plants. It's thoroughly stressful paying so many fees to just get approval for house plans.

I am resizing some reference photos toomorow so I can continue the Snug River painting and also add a figure into the ladscape.


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