Wednesday, September 30, 2009

toning a canvas for nightscape painting?

I wasn't 100% certain what was the best colour to tone my canvas for my new nighttime I ended up going with a deep warm colour. a warm purple-blue-red

it was a mixture of Utramarine Blue and Permanent Rose(a colour I hardly use usually) and a little bit of Idian Red...only a little bit of Indian Red as that stuff is so strong! I used up a lot of oils on toning the ground of the canvas...working into the tooth of the canvas much so that I will have to take a trip to my art shop soon and stock up on oils.

I know that toning the canvas first will save me a lot of tonal issues later on so it was imortant to get the right colour and I still don't know if it will work out...who knows! painting at night is new for and exciting.


Monday, September 28, 2009

preliminary sketch for new painting.

There really was very little point in sketching this before I paint it because I intend to paint this scene at night as it is ridiculously ugly during the day...I guess I like that transformation. There's plenty of angles in this new painting. I ran out of paper at the top and sides to get the rest of the composition down.

What I SHOULD be doing is a night-time colour sketch...

I intend to add a figure to this painting as well but a very unlit one, just the slightest hing of blue shadowy figure standing looking out at the viewer...the canvas I have lined up for this painting is 30" x 30" so hopefully it will be visually stimulating.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Snug River Oil Painting ---- Work-in-Progress

sorry for the terrible on the wall flash photo.

apparently the issue of darkening was just a simple case of mixing Black with Cad. Lemon Yellow...thanks Steve! I was very glad to go back to painting classes yesterday evening.

I have a 30" x 30" canvas that i think i will use for an idea that has been swelling up in my head lately.

angles and night time painting... a figure and architecture oh and colour...definately colour.

all things I love to paint. I think this might just work out.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Too Much" self-portrait

I was lucky enough to win the runner-up prize at the RACT Tasmanian Youth Portrait Prize.

I can't say that missing out on the $5000 and a trip for 2 to Sydney wasn't a bit sad...but the $500 runner-up prize certainly takes the pain away.

and another good thing is my paintings are being exhibited in Devonport, Launceston and Hobart along with all the other finalists

Exhibition dates

Devonport Regional Art Gallery
45-47 Stewart Street
5 September to 20 September


Academy Gallery, Academy of the Arts
School of Visual and Performing Arts
Unversity of Tasmania
Inveresk Road, Inveresk

25 September to 12 October

Hobart Sidespace Gallery
77 Salamanca Place

17 October to 31 October

I'm looking forward to going to the Hobart exhibiton.
some of finalists I liked--

Brooke Atkins
Amy Bradford
Kelly Eijdenberg
Nathan Grey
Effie Pryer
Alexandra Wherrett

Snug River Painting--Progress WIP

made some progress on the river painting..just still using extremely loose brush strokes to get a better feel of the perspective and warm and cool tones.

I'm really enjoying painting this's a relief from painting portraits..

I must admit I think it'll come to life more with a figure in there..

will have to do some sketches to get a good pose worked out.

i'm thinking may be a figure laying down stretched out or just sitting by the river in profile. There's a picture of the pose I am thinking of in one of my books so I'll try and scan it in.

I'm not sure Ben would agree to pose in such a way though!