Monday, September 27, 2010

Thinking about the Han Heysen Painting

Hans Heysen, Australia 1877—1968, Mystic Morn (detail) 1904|

I've been thinking about this painting and what it was like when I saw it.

When I saw this painting I was a little underwhlemed by it....there was just something about it I didn't like. Sometimes I think the scale of paintings can make or break an art work. I had seen photos online and in books of this painting before I saw it in real life....but then in life it was just too big. My eyes couldn't take it all in, no matter how far back I was.


I would like to paint a long thin canvas that is longer than it is high. I'd like to paint a portrait of Ben moving through the white trunks of the Eucalyptus and have the light bright and glaring.

my other ideas are to paint Ben turning and paint him semi abstractly in sucession on the same canvas. Not an original idea at all but I need to start representing movement, otherwise I'll stop painting an move on to some plywood sculptures.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

night time painting finished

perhaps this is finished

i haven't put damar on this yet so it looks a bit light.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wip Oil portrait - Anne Lowe

progress shot at 6 hours
(live sittings)

I wasted 2 hours the previous week messing up all the work i started off with, but i'm getting there now.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Building with shakes.

I've been looking into different roof and cladding construction that used timber and so far my favourite roof is by far shakes. Shakes are a rustic version of wooden shingles. They are about 10mm to 11mm thick and taper at the top. Shakes also last longer than shingles. I'm also looking into making some shakes for my little shed that is 3 x 3m out on my block of land...the idea is to have a grass roof over a traditional colorbond roof and alter the roof to alow grass to be grown of the top of it. The shed is on a hill and should look good in front of the grassy hill behind it. I'm going to do some research on the Australian Standard about types of hardwood used in cladding and ask around to see what type of Australian timber I can make my shakes out of(preferably grown in Tasmania)

Traditional shakes that I've seen have been made out of cedar....but it's not an option for me.

Anyway i will post photos of the little shed when i start work on it again.

at the moment it has a 100 percent recycled Tas oak floor so I'm happy with how it's looking. (all we have to do is join the two sections of flooring together somehow?

p.s watch the video...this looks so meditative.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Portrait- oil painting - wip

It's an exercise to try and free up my brush strokes and I was hoping to get it fully completed in 2 hours but i got half way through, so I might spend another 2 hours on it and leave it at that.

This is the first time I've been semi-successful using a small canvas board....I've had trouble with them in the past.

Oil on canvas board- July 2010


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life = Time = Money = so how can I afford to live?

I've really become fixed on the idea that a house shouldn't own you...the bank shouldn't own you.

I really want to design truly affordable houses, the type of house that doesn't cost more than
$70 000 AUD

I want so badly to find ways of building that use less materials and to find a way to convince people to think smaller and more functional when they decide what sized house they would like. Preferably these houses will be made of natural materials.

Not building at all is the most sustainable option if this is the case perhaps I will try to incorporate renovation, and the re-use of materials already in the building and on the land that the house is situated. I have very little money and I want to build a home that has a small footprint so I think I'm in for long days and nights ahead....DIY building is going to a very full-on experience, but why not use a personal project as the first experiment?


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Le Corbrusier -- Cabanon

Le Corbrusier is quickly becoming one of my favourite architects!

I find a building I like in a book and I will look at who designed it and there's Le Corbrusier!

I truly love the cabin he designed for his wife near Nice in France. It overlooks the sea and is situated specifically next to a restaurant where Le Corbrusier and his wife liked to eat (there was no kitchen in the Cabanon)

the cabanon is tiny, it has many built in pieces of furniture and a lovely mirror with a mural next to it that folds back to let the sun and views in through a window. I have a book that shows a detail photo of the exterior cladding of cabanon and it is definitely rustic. I love the fact it is built in a somewhat dodgy fashion...

The inside has all these little detailed features Le Corbrusier designed himself, like little hinges and his murals!

I haven't studied his murals extremely closely yet, but I will leave that for a day when I need a type of inspiring energy.

I need a cabanon!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Felix Vallotton

Felix vallotton bon marche, center panel of a tryptich, 1898 (painted on card)
I love the works of Felix Vallotton.

I love the colours and shapes, and the essence of all of his works.

This painting is one I found just yesterday, I'm quite excited to see the dark colours with bright lights and dark figures and the simple shapes.
I think this painting shows a simliar aesthetic appeal to my night time portrait which I am entering in the RACT Tasmanian Youth Portrait Prize, but mine is still clumsy... but it has definately got me thinking about things a lot more......mainly about how great Felix Vallotton is!!!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Architectural Drawings- Part 1. Defining Shapes

Catalog of Shapes. Part 1.

I've been thinking a lot about how to start the building design process, I started thinking about colour first...but quickly shifted my focus to shape. After doing some research my favourite architect is Le Corbusier(1887-1965). His shapes were magnificent and so were his painting, sculptures and furniture designs.
My course focuses a lot on the technical aspect of building designs, which is really great but I feel it's not enough to just overlook the overall appearance of a building in some other catagory.....I'd really like to find out how we got here? in terms of architecture..this is such a massive question but I'm slowly scratching flecks aways from the surface of the topic.

p.s I am so messy. How did Techincal drafters ever be creative and neat...Is it even possible to learn?


Friday, April 23, 2010

Night Painting

Work-in-progress shot of night painting.......again!

This painting wasn't going in the direction I wanted so I covered the figure in Raw umber, Ultramarine blue and a tint of black and then just quickly and lightly wiped back some of the paint to reveal the figure underneath.

so simple, but I think it worked for me this time.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Drawing Interiors -- Pantone Pens

These two are crappy referencing photos, just to show what i'm thinking of doing to my WIP Night scene portrait.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sir Lionel Arthur Lindsay (1874 - 1961)

there's a lot more information on the artist at the above link..

I found these today and I'm pretty inspired by them.

all the pictures above are from
(National Library of Australia.)

There's something really honest in these...every single onof these images really makes me remember large chunks of my childhood (it wasn't that long ago) and the first few in particular remind me of Tasmania as it is right now.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Architectural Drawing

My course has been taking up a large amount of all of my time. All the other time I have is spent eating and sleeping and visiting Ben in the hospital. I have had time however to think about architectural art... I have been researching different techniques and materials, mainly looking at some 1920's- 1950's architectural drawings. It is such a beautiful art form..both practical and abstract but enchantingly dreamlike at times. It's been quite a challenge to imagine a building and rotate in my mind and look at vary aspects of an object, and then to place the object on paper and render what I can.

Lettering has also become important and I have started thinking about the aesthetics of line more....but I've had a few mild disagreements with my teachers on the importance of colour and the significance of line...pppftt line.
colour is what is important to me, so I tried to create a building by referring to colour instead of line....line comes with colour anyhow.

I don't really know much about good architectural art...I wish I knew who could point me in the right direction.

I'm going to painting class tonight though, hopefully I'll take some photos soon and show where I am at with the WIP portrait of my mum.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

amazing artist.

amazing artist.

Daniel Ochoa

I don't want to post a picture in case I piss off the artist!

but please go look.

the art just feels amazing to see.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

where's my time?

I have been pretty busy lately trying to find time to sleep but not getting enough at all.
I've just started a residential drafting course full-time.

There's some interesting architectural model where I am studying and a really good student drawn set of plans from 1923 framed in a nice warm oak frame.

I'll try and post a photo later! it's really inspiring.

Architectural drawing has been interesting so far.....a little frustrating and sometimes tedious because it is just grey lead pencil... but nonethless a worthwhile undertaking.

The school drawings have got me thinking about all the different ways I could be going about representing my ideas in my course. I need more colour.

we had to draw something chrome for our first homework task...enough said.

I'm not a realist. I don't aspire to be. a man in my painting class said to day "oh there's so many photographs to paint just not enough time"

yeah I really don't want to be a realist, I want more from art...I want to munipulate imagery...I don't want to paint every little detail I don't care about.

I like the idea of studying to be qualified to draw up plans for hypothetical houses..I wonder how far I could push things?? or if I could be good enough at problem solving to dodge past all of the regulations of the building codes. Why do we live in houses? What do we get out of it all? what else could architecture do ? what could bedone to make living in houses in Australia more ethical? Why do we like straight lines so much? and even -flat colours? why does someone in my neighbourhood choose to adorn his house with little concrete statues representations of aboriginals? and native animals set in concrete? and a fake pond? why do we want bigger houses...bigger inclosed houses?

it's all really interesting to me right now.

painting wise. I'm too tired. (one of the two worst things about full-time study, the other being less time with Ben.)

I do get to painting from a live model soon...finally.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

exploring Hobart

nice places, painterly textures

Tasmania has great grey and gold landscapes....I love that colour combination.

p.s just thought i'd show you my self-portrait behind me here in the study.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

workings Albert Pierre Marquet

more work. (sorry this photo is taken in natural lighting and it's pretty cold looking.


have a look at one of my all time favourite paintings by Albert Pierre Marquet (1875-1947)

I would love to see this painting everyday of my is so full of life and a very quiet but defiant look in her eye.

In the next few posts I might show you a few painting oddities that I have pinned up on my wall.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Painting and Hans Heyson

I've been working on two paintings at the most recent painting of mum and another night-time portrait of her. The good news is that both are coming along well! There was a little bit of.... is it this blue ? or that blue? or this blue and that one? and then some more mixing and running back and forth looking at my canvas from a distance. Sometimes there's that elusive colour combination of nice in-between colours. (the answer was a tiny dab of Permanent Alizrian Crimson by the way!)

Every time I start a painting, I wish it to be more of a challenge than the last...I'd like to find some really complex compositions that are in right now and to somehow make the painting flow well and draw the viewer in. I've tried to crop my paintings further back from the main subject recently and it has helped because it really shows up the dead spots in some of my compositions.

There's so many little bits of social commentary I'd like to somehow work into my work and definitely think there will be more interior works and the canvases will be much bigger.

I went to see the Hans Heyson Exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

I was really excited when The Mercury featured a large free lift-out of a beautiful painting of majestic old gum trees. What expert composition!!!!!

I study it before I go to bed each night and rescue it off the floor when the blue-tack runs dry and peels off the wall. It's funny though because one of his large canvas just really sucked. It was really dull and just didn't work on a large scale at all. And there was a few vapid little drawings of Venice that Hans had painted while he was young.

Mum and I joined a tour-guided group while we were at the exhibition. It was interesting to beginning, but we made a dash after a while as I got the feeling the lady was reading imaginary cue-cards off the walls, rather than actually knowing or understanding about the artist.

A great oddity in the Heyson collection was a painting of 'the artists wife sewing' (1913) sitting at a desk under an open window....the light was luminous! it didn't really fit in with his the muted palette of most of the exhibition, but gee...what a great painting!

Anyway the heat has finally broken this evening (28 degrees) and now the rain is sounding off in a nice high pitched way when drops hit the roof....that's one of the great thing about Australia...tin roof music!

will update soon with work-in-progress shots.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

going back to basics.

I worked on this painting at class last Thursday...was so glad Steve got me to completely look at the dark and the lights again....i had missed it altogether..
I jumped ahead too quickly with my painting without getting the darks and the lights blocked in....definitely an interesting lesson.

instantly the painting had more weight to it..less detail but more life!

still umming and ahhing about what to do about the placement of that mat. I had some comments about the composition, so i will have a look in my art books again and look and examine and think about it some more.

all i had imagined for this painting was lots of warm earthy colours lots of orange and umber!

Allison Lowe.

have to work out the night painting...just have to get mum and the weather lined up first.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New portrait started

I started a new painting last night and worked as fast as I could to get as much information as I could in before the sitting was over. I am quite happy with colour and composition for the moment....although the more I research composition the more my mind wonders about how to lay out a the end I swapped the direction of the chair. I scrapped all my thumbnail sketches as they worked in theory but detracted from the overall feeling of the painting.

My aim in this portrait is to have rich warm tones and light and to offset these colours with some more light driftwood greys,blues and sage.

This is a portrait of my dad that i haven't finished...i wasn't happy with the layout...boring.

So i hope to add my mum into this painting as well and create a more intriguing composition. I just aimed for subtle neutral tones in this reallllllly show out that red skin tone and strange colour hair that dad has.

p.s I really like living near the sea...i love walking around the beach and even the estuary. There's so many birds around here!!! such a delight to see

I may just end up turning our house into a massive pile of driftwood collected from the beach.