Thursday, January 7, 2010

New portrait started

I started a new painting last night and worked as fast as I could to get as much information as I could in before the sitting was over. I am quite happy with colour and composition for the moment....although the more I research composition the more my mind wonders about how to lay out a the end I swapped the direction of the chair. I scrapped all my thumbnail sketches as they worked in theory but detracted from the overall feeling of the painting.

My aim in this portrait is to have rich warm tones and light and to offset these colours with some more light driftwood greys,blues and sage.

This is a portrait of my dad that i haven't finished...i wasn't happy with the layout...boring.

So i hope to add my mum into this painting as well and create a more intriguing composition. I just aimed for subtle neutral tones in this reallllllly show out that red skin tone and strange colour hair that dad has.

p.s I really like living near the sea...i love walking around the beach and even the estuary. There's so many birds around here!!! such a delight to see

I may just end up turning our house into a massive pile of driftwood collected from the beach.


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