Thursday, February 25, 2010

where's my time?

I have been pretty busy lately trying to find time to sleep but not getting enough at all.
I've just started a residential drafting course full-time.

There's some interesting architectural model where I am studying and a really good student drawn set of plans from 1923 framed in a nice warm oak frame.

I'll try and post a photo later! it's really inspiring.

Architectural drawing has been interesting so far.....a little frustrating and sometimes tedious because it is just grey lead pencil... but nonethless a worthwhile undertaking.

The school drawings have got me thinking about all the different ways I could be going about representing my ideas in my course. I need more colour.

we had to draw something chrome for our first homework task...enough said.

I'm not a realist. I don't aspire to be. a man in my painting class said to day "oh there's so many photographs to paint just not enough time"

yeah I really don't want to be a realist, I want more from art...I want to munipulate imagery...I don't want to paint every little detail I don't care about.

I like the idea of studying to be qualified to draw up plans for hypothetical houses..I wonder how far I could push things?? or if I could be good enough at problem solving to dodge past all of the regulations of the building codes. Why do we live in houses? What do we get out of it all? what else could architecture do ? what could bedone to make living in houses in Australia more ethical? Why do we like straight lines so much? and even -flat colours? why does someone in my neighbourhood choose to adorn his house with little concrete statues representations of aboriginals? and native animals set in concrete? and a fake pond? why do we want bigger houses...bigger inclosed houses?

it's all really interesting to me right now.

painting wise. I'm too tired. (one of the two worst things about full-time study, the other being less time with Ben.)

I do get to painting from a live model soon...finally.


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