Tuesday, February 9, 2010

workings Albert Pierre Marquet

more work. (sorry this photo is taken in natural lighting and it's pretty cold looking.


have a look at one of my all time favourite paintings by Albert Pierre Marquet (1875-1947)

I would love to see this painting everyday of my life...it is so full of life and a very quiet but defiant look in her eye.

In the next few posts I might show you a few painting oddities that I have pinned up on my wall.


  1. Yes it is beautiful painting. I dont Know this artist so I will have to go n do some research. It was interesting to read your thoughts on your recent gallery visit. I visited the London Tate recently and had simillar experience. I like the sound of that Australian rain on the tin roof.

  2. Is it really by Marquet? Does not look like his other work. That said, I like your painting of the woman in the chair very much.