Thursday, March 25, 2010

Architectural Drawing

My course has been taking up a large amount of all of my time. All the other time I have is spent eating and sleeping and visiting Ben in the hospital. I have had time however to think about architectural art... I have been researching different techniques and materials, mainly looking at some 1920's- 1950's architectural drawings. It is such a beautiful art form..both practical and abstract but enchantingly dreamlike at times. It's been quite a challenge to imagine a building and rotate in my mind and look at vary aspects of an object, and then to place the object on paper and render what I can.

Lettering has also become important and I have started thinking about the aesthetics of line more....but I've had a few mild disagreements with my teachers on the importance of colour and the significance of line...pppftt line.
colour is what is important to me, so I tried to create a building by referring to colour instead of line....line comes with colour anyhow.

I don't really know much about good architectural art...I wish I knew who could point me in the right direction.

I'm going to painting class tonight though, hopefully I'll take some photos soon and show where I am at with the WIP portrait of my mum.


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