Saturday, July 31, 2010

Building with shakes.

I've been looking into different roof and cladding construction that used timber and so far my favourite roof is by far shakes. Shakes are a rustic version of wooden shingles. They are about 10mm to 11mm thick and taper at the top. Shakes also last longer than shingles. I'm also looking into making some shakes for my little shed that is 3 x 3m out on my block of land...the idea is to have a grass roof over a traditional colorbond roof and alter the roof to alow grass to be grown of the top of it. The shed is on a hill and should look good in front of the grassy hill behind it. I'm going to do some research on the Australian Standard about types of hardwood used in cladding and ask around to see what type of Australian timber I can make my shakes out of(preferably grown in Tasmania)

Traditional shakes that I've seen have been made out of cedar....but it's not an option for me.

Anyway i will post photos of the little shed when i start work on it again.

at the moment it has a 100 percent recycled Tas oak floor so I'm happy with how it's looking. (all we have to do is join the two sections of flooring together somehow?

p.s watch the video...this looks so meditative.

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