Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Le Corbrusier -- Cabanon

Le Corbrusier is quickly becoming one of my favourite architects!

I find a building I like in a book and I will look at who designed it and there's Le Corbrusier!

I truly love the cabin he designed for his wife near Nice in France. It overlooks the sea and is situated specifically next to a restaurant where Le Corbrusier and his wife liked to eat (there was no kitchen in the Cabanon)

the cabanon is tiny, it has many built in pieces of furniture and a lovely mirror with a mural next to it that folds back to let the sun and views in through a window. I have a book that shows a detail photo of the exterior cladding of cabanon and it is definitely rustic. I love the fact it is built in a somewhat dodgy fashion...

The inside has all these little detailed features Le Corbrusier designed himself, like little hinges and his murals!

I haven't studied his murals extremely closely yet, but I will leave that for a day when I need a type of inspiring energy.

I need a cabanon!


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