Monday, September 27, 2010

Thinking about the Han Heysen Painting

Hans Heysen, Australia 1877—1968, Mystic Morn (detail) 1904|

I've been thinking about this painting and what it was like when I saw it.

When I saw this painting I was a little underwhlemed by it....there was just something about it I didn't like. Sometimes I think the scale of paintings can make or break an art work. I had seen photos online and in books of this painting before I saw it in real life....but then in life it was just too big. My eyes couldn't take it all in, no matter how far back I was.


I would like to paint a long thin canvas that is longer than it is high. I'd like to paint a portrait of Ben moving through the white trunks of the Eucalyptus and have the light bright and glaring.

my other ideas are to paint Ben turning and paint him semi abstractly in sucession on the same canvas. Not an original idea at all but I need to start representing movement, otherwise I'll stop painting an move on to some plywood sculptures.

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